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30W Solar Panel

Model Number :VIVO-03036
Pmax: 30W Solar panels
Vmp: 17.4V , Imp: 1.74A
Voc: 21V , Isc: 1.91A
Panel size: 445*540*25mm
Weight: 3.3 KG
Solar cell: 125*125MM
Array: 4*9
Power tolerance: +/-5%
VIVO solar panels with 25-year output power warranty.ISO9001:2000 (Quality Management System) certified factory.IEC61215, Safety tested IEC61730 CE.


●  High and stable conversion efficiency based on over 7 years professional experience.
●  High reliability with guaranteed ±5% output power tolerance.
●  Proven materials,tempered front glass, and a sturdy anodized aluminum frame allow modules to  operate reliably in multiple mountily configuration.
●  Combination of high efficiency and attractive appearance.